Automated Lead Follow up using DRIP EMAIL, DRIP SMS and Facebook Ads to increase your overall sales conversion.

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Got Lead ? Kill Competition

Whenever you have a lead, push your digital business card and digital brochure with your unique USPs to reduce competitor's influence right at the beginning of customer’s buying cycle.

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Automated Lead Nurturing

Your prospective customers are going to enquire with multiple vendors like you. And therefore, to keep your lead Hot and Engaged througout your sales cycle, you need to send automated email, sms and facebook ads to nurture your leads.

automated lead nurturing

Don't just Broadcast. Trigger Smart Lead Follow Up

Each lead is unique and so has to be your marketing automation. With Smart Segmentation, you can trigger automated follow up emails and sms based on lead location, lead gender, products they are interested in and so on.

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Follow Up with Facebook Retargeting Ads

Whether it is an online enquiry or your field sales staff is collecting offline leads, our marketing machine will push lead data (e.g. mobile, email) to Facebook Custom Audience. You can then have lead follow ups through Facebook Retargeting ads.


Imagine.. Your sales guy met a lead, and next day that lead see your Ad on Facebook.. That's we call "Smart Branding"

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Facebook Messenger Marketing

Enable comment-to-inbox feature on any FB Post or Ad. When someone comments, our system will deliver your automated message right in their FB Messenger Inbox. Not just that, you can also broadcast messages to your subscribers Deliver periodic product updates, coupon codes, digital brochures and make them buy your products and services.

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Sometime, it take Months to Convert a Lead

Yup.. In businesses like real estate, finance, consulting, education, the average sales cycle may take months to convert a lead into customers. With our smart segmentation, you can shoot periodic email, sms and facebook follow ups.

This will re-engage and warm up your cold or dormant leads. 

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Dynamic Automated Lead Follow Up

Artificial Intelligence powered Marketing Automation Software help you trigger custom follow up email nurturing series based on user interaction on your website.

dynamic email campaign nurturing

Automated Recurring Follow Ups

Send smart Recurring SMS Reminders to your leads for birthday, anniversary, AMC contracts, renewals, seasonal offers and much more. Schedule everything from your Lead Briefcase App.

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Let's Admin It..
How many leads you or your sales team forgot to follow-up on time ?

Yes. Many a times you forgot to follow up leads because you are busy in operational activities, your sales staff is not that much dedicated or you have limited number of sales people who are unable to perform proper lead qualification.


80% of the Sales happens after the 5th follow up, hence implement Automated Lead Follow Up...


Once you have automated lead follow up machine taking care of lead nurturing, it's time to equip you and your sales team with features that help you CONVERT MORE LEADS...

We help business owners and marketers with strategies, training and marketing automation software to get more Traffic, Leads and Sales Conversions.


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