Close More Deals with Lead Conversion Features...

Lead Conversion Features equip you and your sales team to identify hot leads and convert them into customers.

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Every Lead is Important! Don't loose them..

After sending proposal or quoations, leads goes silent... Sounds Familiar ? Well not anymore.. Our Lead Conversion Platform will notify you, if your lead has not taken any important step in your Sales Cycle. 

Yeah!.. Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation

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Indentify and Focus on Hot Leads

Not every lead is a customer... Right ? But with Lead Scoring feature, we help you identify Hot Leads & reduce your man power cost.


You know.. having a large sales staff is too costly..

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Lead Tracking Feature - you know what to talk and what to offer..

Once someone enquire on website or through landing page, you can literally track lead activities like what pages they are visiting, what emails they have opened, what upcoming emails are going to trigger and much more.


So you know what things they know, and what to talk and offer. Talk to the Point..

lead tracking
artificial intelligence in sales and marketing

Lead not picking up calls or is not available at office on your visits ?

Yeah.. This is really bring down moral and confidence of sales team and even entrepreneurs.. Well majority of the leads are interested in your products and services, but they might be genuinely busy. So from our Lead Briefcase App, you can schedule reminders to customers for call, meeting or demo well in advance, so that they can schedule their time accordingly.


"Next time.. trigger sms/email before 1 hour and see the magic. They will welcome you for sure."

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Generate Automated Referral (More Leads)

83% of the customers are ready to give referrals. But the sad part is... "Only 29% of businesses ask for Referrals.."  Business to business companies with referrals have a 70% higher conversion rate, and they report a 69% faster close time on sales.

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It's time to have a look at Pricing Plans

Now you understood all three systems (Lead Capture, Lead Follow Up and Lead Conversion), it's time to explore Pricing and ROI.

We help business owners and marketers with strategies, training and marketing automation software to get more Traffic, Leads and Sales Conversions.


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