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White Label Marketing Automation Software

Become a White Label Marketing Automation Software reseller.

Your Branding | Your Customers | Your Pricing | High Margin.

white label marketing automation software

Your own Software Agency

Start making recurring income from our white label reseller platform. Perfect business opportunity for Marketing Agencies, IT Companies, Web Designers, Digital Marketers and Freelancers.

Your Branding

White Label Apps and Software will have your logo, your urls and your branding. Sell as if it is your own software.

Your Customers

Unlike Affiliate, you can have your own customers in white label reseller program and you can keep them with you.

Your Pricing

In Affiliate programs, you dont have control over pricing. Whereas in white label, you can have your own pricing.

Recurring Income

Enjoy upto 50% margins on our white label reseller software and apps. Recurring revenue help you build sustainable business.

Discounted White Label Reseller Pricing

You can charge any margin above this from your customers.

Lead Follow Up Machine

Complete Marketing Automation Discounted Pricing.


1 to 3 Customers : 0% Margin

4 to 10 Customers : 30% Margin

11 to 25 Customers : 40% Margin

26 to 50 Customers : 45% Margin

51 and above : 50% Margin

This includes only Software Platform. This does not include services like designing brochures, setup automation, landing page design, etc. We will provide software access for your customers. You need to provide all setup and support services. All billings are done annually.

FAQs for White Label Marketing Automation Software

We believe in transparency and let's clear your possible queries.

What is Minimum Criteria to become a Reseller for Marketing Automation Software?
  • Reseller Program is not open for all. You can apply for white label reseller program and our team will review your application.
  • Reseller program is beneficial to you only when you have few customers or atleast you are sure that you will be able to make good number of customers for our apps and software.
  • Recommended categories are Freelancers, Web Designers, Marketing Agencies, Software Companies, Other Software Resellers, B2B Network Marketers, Influencers, etc.
  • If you are totally new or dont have any existing customer base or business network, then this program is not suitable for you.
How it Works ?
  • Whenever you get a customer, you need to pay discounted pricing as mentioned in above slab.
  • There is no joining fees. Just get a customer, collect payment and make payment to us.
  • After receiving payment, we will activate your customer's account with your branding.
  • You need to have atleast 3 active customers in an year in order to keep your reseller status active. Else you will loose white label branding in your customer's account and will get replaced with default Magnet Marketing branding.
Can I get discounted pricing in Add-On ?

Yes, you will get 10% margin in add-ons. Add-ons are additional resources requried by customers. E.g. In Marketing Automation, we provide 20000 emails per month. But if customer wants more emails (add-ons), then you will get 10% margin in that.

What about Support to my Customers ?

You will provide support, setup, training and other services to your customers. In case if you find any technical difficulties, you can get in touch with our support team. Since it is a white label reseller platform, we will not have direct communication with your customers.

Who will design Digital Brochure in LFM Plan ?

In reseller plan, we provide only software platform. You have to create digital brochures for your customers. But don't worry, we have ready to use 100+ digital brochure templates for various industries. You can easily create digital brochures for your customers using just Microsoft PowerPoint. And in case, if you want to outsource to us, we will design it for your customers at an additional cost.

What about Landing Page in LFM Plan ?

You get access to Drag and Drop Landing Page builder along with your customer's account. You can easily create beautiful landing pages literally in minutes using our pre-made templates and that to without coding.

Do you provide Refunds ?

No. We do not provide any refunds. Get in Touch with our team to understand what exactly you need and what to expect from our platform.

Who will Host Apps and Software ?

We will host and manage your white labeled software and systems. You just need to point your sub domain to our server for white label urls (e.g.

Is there any Help Videos available ?

Yes, we have step by step video tutorials for each and every features. You can go through help videos and implement automations for your customers. Still if you need any technical support, our team is there to help you. Please note that we do not provide content support like designing images, brochures, writing email contents, etc. We will provide all technical support.

Yup! It's time to start your own Recurring Business Model with our White Label Marketing Automation Solutions.

So, to start with, let's subscribe to get your own account.

We help business owners and marketers with strategies, training and marketing automation software to get more Traffic, Leads and Sales Conversions.


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